Friday, May 25, 2012

Avocado Egg

So we were thinking what could be better than a summertime snack that is great for brunch hour. A bit of breakfast and a bit of that fresh green we all love. Hence the avocado egg. Avocado egg is a super simple and unbelievably tasty and delicate snack. Anyone you make this for will be impressed by not only how attractive this is, but the taste.

1 avocado
2 egg yolks
2 Tlbs. Olive oil
2 pieces white or sourdough bread
Pinch of salt
Sprinkle of pepper
Douse of tapatio (or any other hotsauce)

Peel avocado, take out pit, and cut into two ½ inch slice through the middle. Toast the bread slices, then cut into diamonds. Now, heat your olive oil in a skillet and a medium high heat, once the oil glides easily across the skillet, place your avocado slices in it. Season with a little salt, and let sit for about 45 seconds. Flip the avocado slices over, and while that side cooks take your eggs, and separate the egg from the yolk and slip the yolk into the space the pit once was in your avocado. Season with salt and pepper, and let the avocado and egg cook a bit more, about another minute until the yolk seems to firm a little. You don’t want the yolk to cook through, because then where is the fun of having a runny yolk! Once it is done, remove from skillet, place on your toasted diamond bread, decorate with some hot sauce and EAT!!!

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