Thursday, June 7, 2012

Simple Summer Pineapple Lemonade with Agave Syrup

Everyone loves an ice cold glass of lemonade during the summer. Everyone also loves the tropical fruit pineapple over the summer, so we thought to throw the two together and make it a party. Instead of using sugar to sweeten this, we went for the healthier and more robust flavors of agave syrup. There are three types of agave. Light: with is a neutral flavor, amber: a mild maple flavor, and raw: deep and bold. For this recipe I am using amber, because the maple is so delish.  With this recipe, feel free to add more water or agave to sweeten it.  This is made a little tart because we love acidic food, so taste and adjust.

Serves 5-6
5 cups chopped pineapple from 1 pineapple
9 lemons
4 cups water
6 Tlbs. Agave

In a blender puree your pineapple. Once all your pieces are pureed, pour the mix through a strainer, using a spatula to push all the juice out of the pulp. You can set aside the left over pulp to use in a another recipe, or just toss out. In the same blender (cleaned out) squeeze your lemons through the strainer, in order to catch all the seeds, with the help and hand juice. Once you squeeze all of your lemons, pour your pineapple juice, water, and agave in. (You may want to do this all in portions so you don’t overflow your blender!) Mix in the blender so that the agave mix evenly dissolves into the drink. Pout mix into pitcher filled with ice and serve. We serve with a slice of lime to add some color.
When life you give you lemons….make agave sweetened pineapple lemonade!!!!

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