Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Artichoke Salad

Michael works at an Italian restaurant which makes one of my mother’s favorite salads. It is a pretty classic Italian staple, and there are really no variations of it, because it consists of four ingredients, and man do they marry together beautifully. So Michael and I are giving you the simple recipe to our simple artichoke summer salad. My mommy is going to be so happy!
*For some color we finely chopped some basil and mixed it with olive oil and drizzle around the plate. This is purely for show though, so don’t worry about the recipe.

Ingredients: for 4

10 baby artichokes
A block of Parmesan Reggiano
4 lemons
4 Tlb. Olive oil
Tsp. salt
Pinch of black pepper


The first part of this recipe involves preparing and soaking the artichokes overnight. Prepare a water bath for the artichokes, by filling a bowl with water and three lemons cut in half. To prepare the artichoke, cut the stem down to about a ¼ of an inch to the bottom, and then peel off a good portion of the leaves with all of the pricklies on it, until you are left with the light green leaves, and then cut about a ¼ inch of the top off. Now take a knife and scrape off the rough stuff from the stem. Place the artichokes in the water, place a towel in the water to keep it from oxidizing, and then place in refrigerator overnight.
Take the artichokes out of the water and peel back about 4 more layer of leaves, essentially all of the oxidized ones, and using a knife clean off the rest of the stem until it turns into a point. Cut the artichokes in half and slice the half paper thin. Place artichoke in a bowl with olive oil, lemon juice from one of the lemons sitting in the water, salt, and a pinch of black pepper, and using your hands mix the artichokes breaking them up a bit with your fingers.
When plating, use your hands and make a mound with the artichoke. Shave about three pieces of parmesan and place on top of the salad. Slice the lemon that is left over and serve with the salad.

Eat!! You will be sure to love this bright simple salad.

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