Monday, October 29, 2012

Spooktastic Spiced Rum Jello Shot

This is a really quick and easy one that we are posting to celebrate the 4th day until Halloween. We are showing you this incredibly simple recipe because we think it is great to have an option besides a cocktail in a glass, serve a cocktail in a shot, in the form of jello! This is a Halloween and fall inspired twist on the age old college jello shot, but much more refined.

1 oz gelatin
2 cups boiling apple cider
6 oz cold water
10 oz spiced rum
Black sprinkles

This recipe is so simple it’s silly. Basically start by boiling two cups of apple cider, once boiled pour into a heat proof bowl and then whisk in the gelatin, until completely dissolved. Next pour the cold water and spiced rum.  To set it, pour the mix into a square baking pan that’s no larger than 9”x9”, and refrigerate for up to three hours to completely set.

Once set, to remove from the pan, fill a sink with warm water, and dip the bottom of the pan in the water (being sure to not get any water on your actual mold) for 2-3 seconds. The mold will release from the side of the pan. Flip the jello onto a cutting board and cut into equal sized pieces, and dip the top into your black sprinkles.

The sprinkles will cause a black run a bit, but this is great because it adds to the spooky effect of your alcoholic treat!!

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