Monday, November 19, 2012

Open Face Thanksgiving Melt

Some of the best parts of Thanksgiving are the leftovers! Yum! Instead of making your usual boring Turkey sandwich, or just reheating your food, try a diner lovers version of Thanksgiving, pack all the deliciousness in one, and eat this Thanksgiving open face diner melt. No need to follow our recipes for stuffing or any of that good stuff, the beauty is, you already have everything you need, your own stuffing, and turkey, and cranberry sauce etc…..
Happy Thanksgiving!


Sourdough bread
Swiss cheese
Cranberry sauce

This sandwich is so simple and damn is it an amazing dish! You can either buy slices of sourdough bread, or a loaf which we did. In that case slice the loaf with crust side down, so you get an allover good crunch. Take a heaping spoonful of cranberry sauce and spread over your bread, now layer your stuffing, and turkey on top. Take two slices of swiss cheese lay on top. Turn your broiler on in your oven, place the sandwich under the broiler flame and let the cheese melt, about 5 minutes.

Now it is ready to serve, if you like a sweet and savory you can add another small dollop of cranberry sauce, or make a savory one all the way, add some gravy, or eat the way we do, as is!!!


You won’t be bored with your Thanksgiving leftovers!

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