Friday, February 1, 2013

Pre Bowl Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Dip!

Most all of our friends live on one block in Venice right off the beach, so whenever there is a festive gathering, it tends to always happen on this street as a block party. So for this Super Bowl we are going to the annual block party. There will be a ton of grilling, friends, dogs running around, beers, chili, and our friend Brandon and Marie’s beautiful baby boy Josiah. What Mikey and I are bringing to the party involve our fabulous selves, some bomb cheese dip, and some mind blowing chili!

So here is the recipe for this preposterously dangerous cheese dip, it is simple, packs a punch, and will have your inner bacon lover squealing (no pun intended)!

*Serve with some crispy chips, or on nachos, whatever you want!

Ingredients: serves 4-8 depending on cheese dip addiction

4 slices smoked bacon
1 jalapeno
1 cup whole milk
1 cup shredded jack cheese
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar
1 small tomato

Start by seeding and dicing your jalapeno as small as you can, and seeding and dicing the tomato at a normal size. 

In a medium sized sauce pan cook the four slices of bacon until crisp. Once done, remove from pan, and drain about half of the bacon fat out. In the same pan with remaining bacon fat bring milk to a simmer, whisking to incorporate the bacon flavor in the milk.

While that comes to a simmer chop up the bacon into little bits. Once milk is brought to a simmer, dump all of the cheese into it, constantly whisking while the cheese melts. Once the cheese melts whisk in bacon bits and jalapeno. Whisk for another minute.

Now pour the cheese dip into a serving bowl and garnish with diced tomato and a few diced pieces of jalapeno, and get ready to dip in! Enjoy that cheesy goodness!


  1. This sounds great! Can't wait to try it out this Sunday!

  2. Yay! Did you make it? Hope you loved it.