Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome Spring!

Spring is starting tomorrow and we are very excited. Though it is really foggy by the beach in Los Angeles, I can see all the flowers and trees starting to bud, and it is so beautiful. We are so very proud Michael has started a new job cooking at the restaurant A-Frame in Culver City, under the chef Roy Choi. The food is modern picnic, there is all you can eat fried chicken, a ton of things are pickled, and we are so very excited! This spring is a great time of change, Michael and I are back to being fitness nuts again, partly so we can eat all our delicious food, jobs are changing, we have been cleaning things out, painting, planting, all the good stuff!!

With our personal changes we are also going to change up some of the food we make for spring. It is very important to look good in your speedos and thong bikinis…so our menu is going to be a bit lighter. The food will have a softer touch, a leaner feel, even our wonderful cakes will feel light on its toes!!! So you have plenty to look forward to and these are some of the colors that you can expect in your food.

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