Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fall is Upon Us

Fall is upon us. Here in Venice, we are desperately hoping for it to cool down, we will just have to blast the AC and wear sweaters indoors. The fall equinox begun September 21st, it means the time for harvest, the times for holidays, and the time for comforting foods.

Some more foods that you can expect from us will be fabulous foods like squashes, pumpkins, leeks, slow cooked foods, one pot wonder, and some ghoulish surprises.

This is also a time where colors become deep and rich. As a painter I love to find the art in our food, so we present the colors of some fall foods as seen through the famous pantone. As I am sure you have noticed our colors have changed in our photos now including the pantone color 1685 C!

                         Pantone             Pantone           Pantone              Pantone           Pantone           Pantone
                           1807 C               486C                716C                 157 C               129C               7510C

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