Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Cancy Chocolate Bar

To prepare for Halloween, prepare to have leftover candy from your kids that you are not going to know what to do with! Besides donating to Unicef (which is a great cause) you should make this candy chocolate bar! Aside from having all the ingredients at your whim for this…the Halloween candy…you only need to other things.



Halloween candy!!
We used:
Candy corn
Tootsie rolls
Reese’s peanut butter cups
Ghost sprinkles
12 oz semi-sweet chocolate
¼ cup coconut milk

Line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper.

Chop up your candy into the size you want.

In a double boiler, heat about an inch of water on the bottom, and in the top melt your chocolate, constantly stirring, slowly adding a little bit of coconut milk at a time while stirring so that it is completely absorbed.

Pour chocolate onto baking sheet, sprinkle with candy, stick in freezer, and eat when ready!

This is particularly great with ice cream!!



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